God rocks the foundation of the church!

by Chris Directo

At 7:07 a.m. Sunday morning, as our members were getting ready for church, reading their Bibles, praying to God, watching the start of the Rams and Buccaneers football game, or eating breakfast, an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter Scale hit the Big Island.

Houses shook, people ran for cover and the world seemed to go topsy-turvy. The quake, which lasted less than a couple of minutes, seemed to last for an eternity. People sat helplessly, watching as everything around them rattled and shot back and forth.

Just when everything seemed to settle down, the aftershocks sent everyone back under the table. And if that were not enough, the electricity went off, causing havoc in the households that had not started cooking their breakfast yet.

One member was singing “I Hear God Singing to Me” right before the earthquake struck.

Kyle shakes up the pulpit after the earthquake. (Photo by Chris Directo.)Another member reported that as soon as his two-year old son looked out the window and said “Hi, God!” the house started shaking powerfully. God greeted him back!

Many reported praying immediately during and after the earthquake. One eight-year-old was quoted as praying while the shaking was going on, “God, I’ll be nicer to my sister!”

Hawaii County Civil Defense urged everyone to stay home and avoid driving on the highways. This did not stop our members and friends from meeting together to worship God. The congregation proceeded to meet at Kyle and Joan Bartholomew’s home for house church.

(Our regular meeting place was undergoing some repairs.)

Kyle roused the church with some powerful rocking and rolling of his own, delivering a mighty message about “Joseph, the Dreamer on the Roller Coaster Ride.” Following the service, everyone shared in some food, fun and fellowship.

A movement is underway on the Big Island of Hawaii, in more ways than one!