Celebrating a baptism is music to God’s ears!

Mahe and Jessica share about their journey with God.Yesterday was a day of celebration, as Jessica was baptized at the now-frequent baptismal, the beach near Queen Liliuokalani Gardens.

The church gathered together and sang hymns with joy under the bright sun in the foreground of the beautiful surf clapping and splashing against the rocks.

Mahe and Tanya baptize Jessica.Jessica was introduced to the group. She was a long-time friend of Mahe. Mahe used to care for Jessica’s children. Jessica expressed her gratitude for the long journey of looking into the Scriptures and into her own life to get to this moment.

Jessica receives a flower lei after being baptized.Present to witness the baptism and offer support were Jessica’s husband and some of her friends.

Jessica was baptized in front of the cheering crowd.

After more singing, the church reconvened at Jessica’s house for a celebratory barbecue. The fellowship and food were awesome!

See a short clip from the baptism!