Love for God is great motivation!

Kyle embraces (l-r) Siobhan, her daughter and Joan.God continued to work this month by making the church grow again this week.

Siobhan made the all-important decision to make Jesus Lord by placing membership into the Hilo Church of Christ.

While placing membership has a level of commitment between a member and the church attached to it, it also means that one more person loves God and has decided to follow Him.

Siobhan became a Christian in another God-fearing church and has decided that she wants to keep living the Christian life.

According to our minister, Kyle Bartholomew, Siobhan wants to do great things for God.

“One of the things that she said last night was, ‘Wow,’ she goes, ‘I really want to learn how to be better at reaching out to my friends and to my family. I want to learn how to be a better fisherman,’” Kyle said during his sermon today.

Siobhan is truly a welcome addition to our ohana. We look forward to great things to come as we all work together.