Man receives Christmas gift like no other!

Kainoa received what could have been his best Christmas gift ever.

Kainoa shares about God. (photo by Chris Directo)

On Christmas day, Kainoa was baptized.

Along with undergoing baptism, Kainoa also received forgiveness and the Holy Spirit, two other priceless gifts from God.

Kainoa works with Kyle, Evan and Levi at their father’s cabinet business. The three brothers made the most of their opportunities to share their faith with Kainoa as they worked on cabinets.

“What’s awesome about Kainoa — that I really appreciate about Kainoa — is that he had this really deep desire to follow God,” Kyle said at the baptism.

Levi said, “He’s always reading, always praying, and just always in the word, and just always talking about God. I just know that he’s just a true seeker after God.”

Even though Kainoa has been working hard to learn about God and his word by himself, he knows that he needs others. “Hopefully all you guys can help me out,” he said before his baptism.

This Christmas day was as bright as could be. Sunshine beamed down as the waves applauded the men as they walked down the rocks near Queen Lili‘uokalani Gardens. Kainoa, Kyle and Levi, co-workers for a living and now co-workers in the gospel, said a heartfelt prayer as the rest of the church sang with reverence for the miracle that was about to happen.

(l-r) Levi, Kainoa and Kyle all work together. (photo by Chris Directo)

The park was unusually calm and empty, as people seemed to be doing other Christmas day activities, rather than going to the park. Many were probably opening Christmas gifts…

…As Kainoa just opened his.

Kainoa’s wife and three children watched as they saw their husband and father emerge from the water with joy.

The church cheered and sang as the men rejoined the group. Everyone sang some more, and prayed.

Kainoa smiled in the sunlight.

Everyone marveled at how the Savior’s birth could impact so many lives, including Kainoa’s.

And basked in God’s glory and grace, side by side, arm in arm, looking at the effect of Jesus’s birth.

As it should be.

On Christmas day.

And every day.