A mighty man makes it into the light!

Cliff gets ready. (photo by Chris Directo)

Hilo’s Richardson Beach is dark place to visit at night, which is why it is usually empty and quiet after 6 p.m.

But not last night.

Just before our Men’s Night Out midweek service last night, Cliff was baptized in the waters off the far side of Richardson Beach in Keaukaha.

Everyone is happy for Cliff’s love for God. (photo by Chris Directo)

Cliff started coming to church and studying the Bible after a number of members had invited him over a couple of years.

“I think God was trying to get me,” he told everyone at the baptism.

Cliff and his wife started studying the Bible a few months ago. Despite many challenges, they have persevered through it all.

Cliff gets baptized. (photo by Chris Directo)

The baptism was a last-minute announcement right before a midweek, so only some of the church was able to attend. But those who were able to go were not disappointed.

The church slowly filed into the still of the ocean night. There was only a murmur of anticipation just before the pre-baptism festivities started, but once the first note of the singing started, the night belonged to our all-powerful God.

The church greets the “new man” of God.(photo by Chris Directo)

The singing overpowered the pounding of the rough waves on the rocks along the shore line. The moonlight relished the excitement of the special event.

After some of the men in the church shared about God’s love and Cliff’s path to his baptism, the night grew silent again as everyone waited for God’s miracle of baptism.

(l-r) Kyle, Cliff and Evan stand in awe of God.(photo by Chris Directo)

The church watched the glimmer of the outlines of Cliff, Kyle and Evan walking into the ocean and huddling for a short prayer. The beach calmed down. During the prayer, even the waves seemed to not interrupt the communication with God.

Then Cliff was baptized.

Cliff’s family is happy, too. (photo by Chris Directo)

After the baptism, the men rushed to Kea’au High School for Men’s Night Out. Some of the men celebrated Cliff’s baptism by eating at Ken’s House of Pancakes after the midweek service.

For the church, midweek service marked the start of First Principles classes.

For Cliff, this midweek was also the start of a new life.

A new life with God.