The church has some fun in the Hilo sun!

The “gals” plan their attack! (photo by Chris Directo)

This past Saturday, a large part of the Hilo church enjoyed a fun day in the sun with the children.

Kelly called another impromptu soccer day at Shipman Park. The weather was perfect for the event, too, as the sun was not too bright, and the cool air blew refreshingly.

The soccer event was intended to provide the children in the church with a relaxing way to exercise and get exposed to soccer again.

Some of the children in the church do participate in local soccer leagues, but everyone is out of season right now.

The fun was not limited to the children, though, as the adults had a blast, too.

The soccer game started out being a match between the males and females.

Soccer is good at any age! (photo by Chris Directo)

The “gals” ended up beating the “guys,” although there were some males on the “gals” due to unbalanced teams.

Levi provided some much-needed thirst-quenching at halftime by bringing some bottled water, and Terry, a father of a teammate of one of the girls, brought a cooler full of refreshing and sweet tangerines.

The children were good sports, playing hard and letting the adults play, too. The little ones did very well showing off their soccer skills amongst the bigger people.

The day became even more encouraging when Tony and Theresa Untalan, elders all the way from the Portland church, along with their daughters, paid the participants a surprise visit at the soccer field.

Saturday had fun fellowship! (photo by Chris Directo)

This was the second spur-of-the-moment soccer game within the past few months. The last one happened just before the Christmas holidays last year.

These games have been so much fun that there has been some talk of this becoming a weekly thing!

Some people suggested next week be a basketball day.

Stay tuned for more fun in the sun (or shade)!