The church is grateful for visitors!

The Untalan’s took some time to spend time with Jim and Anne. (photo by Chris Directo)

The Hilo Church was so blessed this past weekend.

Tony and Theresa Untalan, along with their two daughters, visited the church and encouraged us with some lessons and group discussions.

Some members got to share meals with the Untalan’s and have great fellowship.

In addition, Jason and Chris, also from Portland, visited the Hilo church. They drove all the way from Kona Sunday morning to participate in Sunday’s worship service.

Tony gave a sermon on Sunday entitled “The Family of God.”

Jason shared some Portland soul by leading the congregation in some kingdom songs and in the communion lesson.

Chris started the service off with a heartfelt and powerful prayer.

The Untalan’s, Jason and Chris are all members of the Portland International Church of Christ. They are visiting the islands for various reasons.

We are so grateful that they all took some time to visit and inspire us!