This fun time was all downhill and ice-cold!

The children use their skills to work as a team. (photo by Anne Anderson)

Yesterday, a bunch of people spent a fun day at Shipman Park. Although the weather was dark and gray, the spirit of the people was joyous.

First the children played a competitive game of soccer. Usually they play alongside the adults, but this time they played with just children. They were able to showcase all of the soccer skills that they have been picking up the past few weeks.

The “ice-blockers” zoom down the hill at Shipman Park. (photo by Anne Anderson)

After soccer, people took big blocks of ice, about the size of giant family-size Bibles, out of their coolers and headed for the hills.

Shipman Park is flanked by some beautiful, steep hills.

People took turns riding on the blocks of ice down the hills.

And the fun was not reserved just for the children. The adults participated, too.

Everyone had fun ice-blocking, and they all agree, especially the children, that they cannot wait until the next event that incorporates ice-blocking.

See exclusive video of ice-blocking!