The church hosts an awesome weekend!

The men spend some time learning more about the man named Jesus. (photo by Chris Directo)

This past weekend has been dubbed a “jubilee” by many who attended it.

And what a weekend it was!

The Hilo church was blessed to have the O‘ahu International Christian Church stay over for the past few days here in Hilo. All of its members, and then some, flew over and spent some encouraging time with the disciples here.

On top of that, Kip and Elena McKean from the Portland International Church of Christ visited once again to preach, teach and train the disciples here.

The women take a good look at themselves using the Bible. (photo by Anne Anderson)

The McKean’s last came to speak to our church in September of last year. Joe and Mary Santos from O‘ahu came here to Hilo that weekend to learn from the McKean’s, and now they lead the O‘ahu congregation. The Santos’s also came here this past weekend.

On Saturday, the church held a couple of workshops to teach people about godly living—one for men and one for women. The McKean’s used the Bible to offer spiritual help to disciples of Christ.

That night, the church threw a party for the special gathering of disciples from the islands of O‘ahu and Hawai‘i, and from Portland, Oregon. This event was held at the Kea‘au Community Center. The party was full of food and fellowship!

Kip and Elena enjoy the festivities at the Kea‘au Community Center. (photo by Chris Directo)

This celebration was an opportunity for disciples to break bread together, get to know one another and establish inter-island relationships.

The party even had a hula dance by the little keiki of the church to the song, a solo singing performance by another keiki and a slide show highlighting the past few months of the church.

On Sunday, the worship service was fired up for God! Jerry from the O‘ahu church cranked the service with some inspired song-leading. Kip McKean delivered a spiritually motivating sermon to light a fire under the sister churches.

Everyone has fun at the party. (photo by Anne Anderson)

And the service was full of reverent worship. The churches shared in some important prayer, reflection and communion together.

An encouraging aspect of the whole weekend was the chance for the disciples to build relationships together. The Christians had heartfelt talks, meaningful discipling, bonding mealtimes and fun fellowship.

There was even some time for some cranking karaoke!

This past weekend was a great occasion for the Hawai‘i Island and O‘ahu disciples to bridge the distance between the two islands with lessons, love and laughter.

And celebrate our life under God’s incredible love and power!

The churches built a lot of relationships. (photo by Chris Directo)