Campus woman shines at the beach!

The church gets together to celebrate Kira’s baptism. (photo by Chris Directo)

This past Sunday, Kira was baptized at Richardson Beach.

The beach was crowded on that sunny day, and it got even more crowded after church service. The whole congregation showed up at the beach right after worshiping God.

Kira is a college student at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo.

Kira shares a good Bible verse. (photo by Chris Directo)

Everything started with some fired-up songs by the awesome song leader. The songs sounded so great that the onlookers started joining in.

Some of the women shared some great things about Kira, and Kira shared about her relationship with God. The circle applauded, and the beachgoers joined in the clapping as well.

Kira takes the big splash! (photo by Chris Directo)

Then Kira was baptized into the waters of Hilo Bay.

The church loved it! They hooted and hollared at the miraculous sight of Kira getting her sins forgiven. Everyone, including tourists cruising the beach and families spending time under the palm trees, watched in amazement.

Out of the water, and into the light! (photo by Chris Directo)

After the baptism, some disciples and friends chowed down at Maui Taco in Prince Kuhio Plaza to share in the excitement of Kira’s love for God.

It was a joyous day in Hilo, and the sun shined brightly, as Kira let her light shine to all those around her. And the stars shined brighter that night as well.

Everything seemed brighter after witnessing another one of God’s miracles!