The congregation holds a house church!

Church service was held yesterday at the Bartholomew residence in Kea‘au.

The Seventh-Day Adventist building, where church is usually held, was being used for another event.

Boaz (left) blessed the church by visiting us from Detroit and sharing his singing, and Evan (right) was fired up to have him. (photo by Chris Directo)

The intimate setting became a sardine can, as lots of people showed up to worship God.

A disciple all the way from the Detroit (Michigan) Church of Christ visited the church as well. Boaz, visiting family in the nearby Mountain View area, was able to have fellowship with us. He even shared his singing talent as he led a few congregational songs and fired up the church in the song worship.

The singing gave glory to God, and Kyle gave an awesome message to the church.

After the service, the church broke bread by having a great potluck.

To top it all of, shortly after, someone was baptized! (More on that to come!)

It was an excellent day to worship God together as a fellowship. To God be all praise!