The church celebrates Easter in paradise!

By HiloICoC•org Webserver.

Chris leads the congregation in singing a heartfelt song about Jesus. (photo by Henny Clemenson)

God blessed Hawai‘i with as close to a perfect day for an Easter Sunday as you’ll ever see.

This past Sunday, the church held its Easter Service in sunny Paradise Park in Kea‘au at a local bed and breakfast, the Lover’s Paradise Suite.

The sky was a vibrant blue, the sun was hot, and Paradise Park provided the perfect natural backdrop for an outdoor worship service.

God seemed to be everywhere.

And the message that was preached reminded the congregation about Jesus Christ. An attentive audience listened to a sermon about the resurrection of our Savior given by our now full-time minister, Kyle Bartholomew.

There is lots of food for everyone! (photo by Henny Clemenson)

After the worship service, the church feasted on some food and fellowship on the comfortable lawn of the bed and breakfast. The menu included burgers and hot dogs.

Then the children enjoyed an Easter hunt. They hunted for eggs and decorated smooth stones. The eggs contained prizes inside, and the stones could be redeemed for prizes like books and toys. The grounds provided a good-sized setting for the Easter hunt.

The bed and breakfast also featured a swimming pool and practice golf course. The children, after working up a sweat searching for Easter goodies, cooled off by splashing around in the pool. They also played some pool games, including water volleyball. The adults also played in the pool.

Everyone cannot wait to jump into the pool! (photo by Henny Clemenson)

Everyone who attended the event helped make this Easter an awesome one. Jesus was honored with a great worship service. The facility provided a fitting venue for remembering God and his risen son Jesus. The people in charge made the day entertaining and fulfilling.

All of the people at the Easter Service helped make the fellowship terrific. They also assisted in setting up and cleaning at the conclusion of the festivities.

It was an excellent Easter Sunday that proved that it really is awesome to live in Hawaii!