Church members volunteer to clean cars for a cause!

By HiloICoC•org Webserver.

This car shines thanks to (l-r) Kelly, Linda, Kainoa, Brian and Richard. (photo by Chris Directo)

The church helped people drive around in clean cars this past Saturday.

The church held a fundraiser at Kai Store by washing cars and selling smoothies for donations.

Members of the church have been selling tickets for the car wash and Island Oasis smoothie sale for the past few weeks.

Funds from this effort will go to help pay for church members to attend the “King of Kings” World Missions Jubilee in Portland, Oregon, in August.

The people of Hilo proved to be generous over the past few weeks, as many people helped our cause by buying tickets for the car wash and drinks. Some even bought tickets without planning to redeem them.

Evan soaps and suds this car, while Mahe attacks the tires. (photo by Chris Directo)

On the day of the car wash, people once again showed their generosity, as many paid well over the asking donation of the car washes. Some people paid more than double. Some gladly brought more than one car to the car wash.

Some people even offered to return if we held another car wash in the future.

Joan, in charge of making the refreshing Island Oasis smoothies, mixed the drinks like an expert. She sold smoothies on Saturday, while the Island Oasis tickets could be redeemed for the Island Oasis mix.

While people waited for their cars to be washed, or while Joan prepared their smoothies, church members shared about the Bible or invited people to church. Many people were receptive to the message.

The car wash raised money for the summer trip, and it also made for some fantastic fellowship. (photo by Chris Directo)

A lot of people showed their support for the church’s cause, as well as to wanting to hear what the church members had to say.

People also just wanted to talk story as they hung around, waiting for their cars to get the royal treatment.

The church also had the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship while working together.

And some couldn’t help but use water to wash things other than cars, like each other.

It was a fun time to relax on a super and sudsy Saturday. And a great time to hang out with people!