Church travels to O‘ahu for some fellowship!

By HiloICoC•org Webserver.

Joe and Mary Santos, leaders of the Honolulu church, start the Sunday worship service. (photo by Chris Directo)

This past weekend, most of our church flew to O‘ahu for a joint church service and workshops with the Honolulu International Christian Church.

The goal of the trip was for the two churches to encourage each other with Biblical teaching and fellowship. 

The O‘ahu church hosted the event by setting up classes for spiritual learning, fellowship events and a Sunday worship service. They even helped set up room and board, dining and transportation arrangements.

They also brought Bob Bertalot, elder of the Portland International Church of Christ, to be the featured speaker and teacher for the event.

We are grateful that Bob Bertalot could visit the Hawai‘i churches and preach a lesson. (photo by Chris Directo)

The original speaker, Steve Johnson, evangelist of the Portland church, could not make the trip due to personal reasons. We were lucky to have Bob come on short notice.

For this event, the Honolulu church gave all attendees a kit that included a schedule, folder, note pad, stationery, contact information and other supplies.

On Friday, the campus and singles had a devotional at a restaurant in Honolulu. Our minister, Kyle Bartholomew, preached a great lesson in the middle of the restaurant for all patrons to hear. 

On Saturday, Bob Bertalot gave a class for the men. Joe Santos, minister for the Honolulu church, also shared some words of wisdom. Mary Santos gave a class for the women.

That night, the Honolulu church hosted a dinner and the Ocean Resort Hotel. The menu was Hawaiian food, and it was ono!

Jerry showed an inspirational slide show to top the night off.

The two churches joined together to hear the word of God. (photo by Chris Directo)

On Sunday, worship service was held at the Ocean Resort Hotel. Jerry and Chris conducted church songs. Joe and Mary Santos shared about Bob Bertalot’s prestigious background, including his ties to Hawai‘i.

Bob Bertalot gave a sermon entitled “Faith and Courage.” He spoke about how we need to develop strong faith. He shared from his life experiences, including his experiences in Hawai‘i.

Many of the disciples from both churches spent additional time in fellowship outside of church.

The children were also able to build relationships with each other, some meeting each other for the first time. They had a fun children’s ministry class.

Travelling to O‘ahu was a great experience for all!