We’re washing our way to a Jubilee!

By HiloICoC•org Webserver.

This past Saturday, July 14, members of our church held a car wash fundraiser at the Puainako KTA Super Store.

Proceeds from the car wash will go to paying for trips to the King of Kings World Missions Jubilee in Portland, Oregon, in August.

Joan rinses a customer’s car as Mel and Heidi stand nearby and wait for more cars. (photo by Chris Directo)

The Puainako Street end of the KTA parking lot is a popular car wash spot. KTA often lets charitable organizations wash cars in this area.

Drivers brought their cars to our assembly line to get their car washed. Those who wanted to help out gave donations. We were excited to see many people being so generous!

Some people even brought in multiple cars to get washed!

In addition to raising money for the trip to Portland, the fellowship was awesome. Mixing joyous people with two water hoses led to lots of fun!

We also got to meet lots of new people and see old acquaintances.

It was a nice sunny day spent for a cool cause!

For more information on the King of Kings World Missions Jubilee, see the Portland International Church of Christ web site.