Hilo members share about the Portland Jubilee!

By HiloICoC WebServer.

(WebServer’s note: Members from our church attended the King of Kings World Missions Jubilee in Portland, Oregon, from August 10 to 12. Here are a couple of testimonials from members who were able to attend the event.)

Testimonial from Stefano:

Stefano (second from left) enjoys the company of other disciples of Jesus. (photo by Kelly Bartholomew)

The jubilee was one of the best excursions I’ve ever taken. It involved the gathering of hearts and spirits to help encourage one another. I enjoyed everything about it, from the time the airplane arrived to the time….

Well, not so much when I left Portland. The Lord was working through my heart so much that he didn’t wanted to let me go, so he kept me in Eugene for two extra days. Thanks to the awesome generosity of the brothers of the Eugene church, I survived those days.

What I enjoyed the most was the singing, along with the workshops. The music gave me a vision of what our congregation could become one day, and thanks be to God. I learned about harmony with David down in Eugene.

The music was so full of spirit and so convicting in the things said. It felt awesome because they where from the very heart, and I knew that everybody inside that room felt the same way.

The workshops were also very convicting, especially the one with Joe Willis called “Prayers that Quench the Soul.” He nailed us with statements like “getting married won’t quench your soul,” “humans won’t quench your soul” and “ambition is a bad way to quench your soul.” “What are we quenching our soul with?” he asked. “What’s denting your soul? What are we making of equal value to the scriptures?”

I also enjoyed the study from the ministry leader of Chicago. He was very figurative, funny and much slower. I tried to keep up with the other speakers but they were too fast for me. Didn’t get the whole message, which frustrated me.

Other than that, I enjoyed Portland and Eugene and can’t wait for the next jubilee down in LA. I thank Kip and the whole crew for putting this for us, for this was a very inspiring, convicting, motivational, loving, sharing, harmonized, bonded, godly experience, and I hope that those of you who missed this jubilee will start filling your piggies and raking up the cash for God.

Testimonial from Anne:

Anne (left) spends time with other Christians. (photo by Kelly Bartholomew)

I was so inspired by the brothers and sisters from the Portland and Eugene churches.  They were incredibly serving to Jim and our family.

This was a difficult summer for us with the death of Jim’s mom and the responsibility of clearing out her house. We were helped at every turn: meals, labor, childcare, the list goes on. We were truly inspired.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ in Oregon are an amazing example.  I saw God’s love reflected through them.

Matt and Helen Sullivan’s lesson on teaching children to love God really convicted me.  I am trying to sum it up in a few sentences…that is challenging.  First the call to love God myself.  If my children don’t see my love for God, I will never be able to teach them to love God. 

The point that really hit home with me though was when Matt talked about how we can often revert to anger and manipulation to get our kids “in line” This may “work” in the moment but in the long run it hurts our children and our relationship with them.  In the long run it is totally ineffective in helping them to learn to obey and to love God.  That is something I am working hard on.

I loved Theresa Broom and Lisa Johnson’s lesson on Mary.  As an older Christian I can really relate to Mary.  Initially she was very willing, “I am the Lord’s servant,” but as life went on and different crisis came her way she got diverted.  I can relate to that.  

So many things about the jubilee were inspiring.  In a big way, it is so incredible to see the love of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  The willingness to serve behind the scenes, it called me higher.  Also, just seeing that people are becoming Christians.  The fields are ripe for the harvest.  There is also a level of maturity and deep conviction in the older brothers and sisters that gives me peace of mind.  

It is nice to be part of something bigger than myself.