206 Great among the Nations

Isaiah saw that it would come, beginning from Jerusalem
In the last days, in ev’ry tongue, to every nation.
And Daniel saw through prophet’s eyes a Kingdom that would never die,
A mountain that would fill the earth, a Rock that would endure,

That would be Great among the nations a fire from a spark so great among the nations, bringing sunlight to the dark, and offering salvation to a world of broken hearts.
Among the nations there would be a movement that would change eternity.

The scholars looked for Him in vain, their earthly king, he never came.
Instead a carpenter would start a Kingdom of the heart.
And beaten bruised, He stretched his hands, as God became a dying man,
And king on cross was sacrificed for the church his bride,

And now this Kingdom is our own. We bow before His heav’nly throne
And pledge our life to His great cause: to seek and save the lost.
And ev’rywhere, in every word we share with all who have not heard
About the truth that sets men free which prophets longed to see,

(lyrics reprinted with permission from Discipleship Publications International)

mp3: song; soprano, alto, tenor, bass.