212 Thank You, Lord (New)

I was lost
Now I’m found
I was searching
’round and round
I was blind
Now I see
Was enslaved
Now I’m free

Thank you Lord for giving me salvation
There’s hope for every nation in the living way
Thank you Lord for your death and resurrection
You’ll lead us to perfection
And you’ll take us home to stay

I am yours
You paid the price
Bought me with your
Take my life
Take my time
Take my heart
Take my mind…

Can’t help sharing
What you’ve done
Can’t help talking
’bout your love
You’re my rock
You’re my sword
You’re the answer
You’re my Lord…

And I thank you for your love
It sets me free
And I thank you for your blood
It cleanses me
And I thank you for your truth
It’s the living way
And I thank you for heaven
Going home someday

Thank you for your love
Thank you for your blood
Thank you for your truth
Thank you for heaven

Thank you Lord!

(lyrics reprinted with permission from Discipleship Publications International)