This Sunday is especially super!

By HiloICoC WebServer.

We Hilo fans are watching the television intently, facing the Giants kick off to the Patriots. (photo by Chris Directo)

Every Sunday is super, but today is a little extra super because today is the SuperBowl!

We are all gathered at Evan and Levi’s parents’ house, and the Giants just kicked off. Most of the fans here are rooting for the Patriots, but a couple of men are standing tough and going for the Giants.

Today was an awesome church service. Evan gave a sermon about training in God.

The importance of this gathering is the great fellowship. The game’s just a good opportunity for this fellowship!

By the way, we’re trying our hardest to update our audio and video, and post our updates about last week’s Honolulu Workshop. Hawaii’s been really rainy and wet, with road closures and power outages. So please bear with us!

We’re even posting stuff as we watch the big game. Happy watching!