Baptism caps off an inspirational trip!

By HiloICoC WebServer.

Hilo, Honolulu and even Los Angeles disciples praise God with song before the baptism. (photo by Shane Emerson)

It’s not every day that a disciple from the Hilo International Church of Christ gets baptized at Ala Moana beach.

The 2008 Honolulu Workshop concluded last week with Alexia getting baptized. She had been studying with the Hilo church since before this past Christmas break.

The workshop weekend was an uplifting one. Disciples from here in Hilo and from Los Angeles, California, met with the Honolulu International Christian Church on O‘ahu for fellowship and lessons from the Bible.

The McKean’s, Bartholomew’s and Onekea’s from the City of Angels International Christian Church flew here to Hawai‘i to inspire us with inspirational teaching from the word of God and sharing about what has been happening on the mainland.

The weekend also moved Alexia to make the decision to devote her life to God.

The Christians greet Alexia with hugs, leis and photo opportunities after getting baptized in the waters of Ala Moana beach. (photo by Shane Emerson)

Since the baptism at Ala Moana was going to be quite a distance from Pearl City, where the workshop was being held, and since some people had to catch return flights home, the sharing for the baptism was done at the conclusion of the Sunday worship service.

Kelly and Bridgette started off by sharing about the trials and joys of studying the Bible with Alexia. Then Alexia shared some Bible verses and her personal feelings about her relationship with God.

At the conclusion of the workshop, most people grabbed some local O‘ahu plate lunches before heading to Ala Moana beach.

Ala Moana beach was almost empty of beach-goers on this non-work day. This could have been due to the scattered showers throughout the weekend. The threat of rain may have scared away others, but not disciples from Hilo who are accustomed to rainy days.

Bridgette, Alexia and Kelly (l-r) dried off quickly in the hot Honolulu sun, and they were fired up for God’s blessings. (photo by Shane Emerson)

And not disciples who want to witness someone getting baptized into Christ.

And not Alexia, who flew all the way from Hilo, Hawai‘i for this moment.

The melting pot of disciples from Hilo, Honolulu and Los Angeles circled up right on the sands of the beach. The rain stopped, and the sun burned brightly. We all sang songs to praise God.

Kelly, Bridgette and Alexia walked about forty yards offshore and prayed. Then Alexia was baptized.

The crowd welcomed the newly baptized woman back on shore. The group sang more praises to God, then thanked God in prayer for a powerful weekend. And what a weekend it was!

Especially for Alexia!

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