The leadership has a grand ol’ time!

By HiloICoC WebServer.

There was lots to do at the Robinson’s, like play on the playground, or eat! (photo by Levi Bartholomew)

After church this past Sunday, the leadership group had lunch together at the Robinson’s home in Pahoa.

The Robinson’s hosted the event with delicious foods, including poke, grilled steak, salad and pumpkin pie. Everyone had their fill at this potluck event.

The lunch also provided a time to break in their new toy, a brand new playground set. The children were having fun on the swings, climbing wall, monkey bars and slide. Some of the adults invaded the children’s territory and snuck onto the playground, since the children looked like they were having so much fun.

Joseph invented a new game called “Have the Children Throw Everything at Me.” He would hide inside the playground set while the children would throw soft balls at him.

Some people played games like Catch Phrase. (photo by Levi Bartholomew)

Levi and Jordan squeezed into the swings. Their height did not keep them away from the short swings.

Chris played dodge ball with the children with a beach ball, which is harder than it sounds. He came up with all kinds of ways to throw a beach ball.

Mahe and Tanya grabbed some of the soft balls from the children and started reminiscing about their days as college softball players. They turned the soft balls into “softballs.” They can still throw some heat.

Disciples explore nature and learn how to pick avacados. (photo by Levi Bartholomew)

Many people played board games after lunch to help digest their food. Most of them kept the competition friendly, while others got too involved. But the competion stayed friendly, at least.

This was a good time for our growing leadership group to talk about important things as well as spend some time in meaningful fellowship as family.

With all of the activities at the Robinson’s, it was also a time for fun.