Our serious celebration was also a funny one!

By Chris Directo.

Greg, Levi, Jeff, Evan and Kelly (l-r) work together to effectively set up the inflatable jumper. (photo by Chris Directo)

For the most part, yesterday’s “Resurrection Sunday” focused on the Son of God raising from the dead on the third day, how no stone nor obstacle can stop Jesus, and how God can start us on a new life. The resurrection of the Son of God is an important event for Christianity, and yesterday we celebrated that fact.

But our observance of the resurrection of Jesus also had its lighter side.

The setup of our Sunday worship service was bound to have some comedy. We planned some activities for the whole family to make the day fun, including an egg hunt, a jumping castle and a softball game.

The egg hunt had two divisions, the toddlers and the bigger children. The toddlers’ egg hunt was short and sweet. They searched for eggs strategically placed so that they could easily see them and grab them, all within an area that an adult could probably grab all of them while barely moving. The toddlers behaved so nicely, and quietly admired their prizes.

The bigger children were a different story. Their egg hunt area was the rest of the park, about four football fields put together. Our Campus Ministry did a great job hiding the prizes all over the field. The field was so huge that I think they started hiding the prizes last week.

Probably the image that I’m going to remember the most was when they let the bigger children start their egg hunt. It happened right after the end of the toddlers’ hunt. All of the toddlers had just finished finding their items, and assembled together and smiled quietly at all of their baskets.

Then I looked up to the bigger children just as I heard the word, “Go!” Boy, did the bigger children go!

Have you ever seen the starting line of a race, when the starter pistol goes off, and all of the runners just go? Well, this is not what the bigger children looked like.

The bigger children more resembled a pack of wild dogs who haven’t eaten for a long time, and who spot a helpless prey off in the distance, and who run like there’s no tomorrow, clawing and scratching each other with their eyes blazing red and tongues hanging out and….

Yeah, everyone is so anxious to set up the jumping inflatable so that they could jump in it! (photo by Chris Directo)

Well, you get the picture. The bigger children eventually became more peaceful, only because they had to run around the huge field.

When some of the adults finished setting up the jumping inflatable, a bunch of them, along with some children, went in the inflatable to test it out. The adults made so much noise. Then our minister, Evan, came along, and he looked all serious, so I thought that the adults were in big trouble.

Evan went up to the inflatable and started yelling, “All right, all the kids, come out!”

That’s irony. I was sure Evan was going to start yelling at all of the adults, and lecturing to them about how the inflatable was for the children. Then he ends up kicking the children out.

I’m portraying Evan to be a mean guy. Actually, he wasn’t like that. I think he was telling the children to come out for their own safety. I just thought that was funny.

Even funnier than that was a while later, when my wife Mahe went up to the jumping inflatable. The adults were still jumping and having fun inside. Mahe told the adults that it’s time to come out to give the children a chance. What was their response?

The adults replied, “Aw. Just five more minutes?”

Yeah, any jumping inflatable is bound to be a source of fun. Yes, the children eventually got to have their fun in the jumper.

Next was softball. A couple of people just started playing catch with the softball. Then a couple of people joined them, throwing the ball around. Soon, the field was littered with enough players for three softball teams.

Tanya and Evan were team captains. Evan scored brownie points by picking his wife first. They kept picking players. After Evan picked Joseph, Joseph yelled, “I’m the last pick!” Little did he know, there were still a lot of players behind him, waiting to be picked.

During the softball game, Trish takes some time to teach Austin how to hit a softball. (photo by Chris Directo)

The teams were made up of adults and children. There was no age discrimination in this game.

The game was fun. Some of the highlights: Pearce robbing his dad of a sure triple when he made a spectacular catch for an out. Kelly playing some masterful left field by making a couple of amazing catches of her own. Children like Kevdan, Savannah and Sophie hitting some seeing-eye singles to get on base.

Tanya’s team took the lead during their first at-bat. That lead was short-lived, though, as soon Evan’s big bombers came to bat, inlcuding Ron, who scored some runs by hitting a no-doubt-about-it home run to left field. All that Tanya’s team could do was look up and send out a rescue mission to bring back the ball.

But in the end, Tanya’s team won, 9-2, but Evan’s team also had a lot of runners on base, left in scoring position. And it’s not who won or lost, but all of the fun that we had playing as a family.

(In case you were wondering, I was on Tanya’s team.)

We had loads of fun at our “Resurrection Sunday.” The day provided excellent fellowship, and commitment to brotherhood, and sisterhood. Remembering our Savior and Lord Jesus helped us to loosen up and enjoy the company of others who follow Jesus. I know I had a great time, and I’m sure others did, too, knowing that Jesus raised us to a new life.