We have a blast at Resurrection Sunday!

By Savannah.

Savannah and her friend Esther (l-r) eat some musubi for lunch. (photo by Chris Directo)

[Editor’s note: This guest article was written by a fourth-grader from our children ministry. She expressed a desire to write about yesterday’s “Resurrection Sunday.”]

The kids had a fun Easter Sunday. There were some new kids at this Easter party. In fact, I invited a friend from school. Esther was her name (you know, like Queen Esther). My cousins, Kevdan and Keisan, had fun and met new friends. There were also two girls who perhaps were never seen by the church before. Their names were Sara and Angie. Actually, all the new children had a blast and met new friends.

At the beginning of the service, I played the song “Amazing Grace” on the keyboard. Boy, I was nervous. Just hearing the applause was great! I knew they liked it, but I was thinking- Whew! At least that was over.

All over Leilani Estates Park, children run and search for the prize! (photo by Chris Directo)

The kids had “Kids’ Class” and made a craft about Jesus when he rose. Thanks to Kelly, Mahe, Mel, and Siobhan for helping the kids with everything they did. My mom baked cupcakes for the kids. They had fun decorating them with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Even after all that fun decorating, my favorite part was eating them. They were sooooooo delicious!

We also got to play “Telephone” and “Simon Says.” Our favorite play spot was at the playground near the service. That playground had swings, shade, and slides for them to play with.

During lunch time the jumping castle was being blown up. When it was ready, the kids crawled in and started to jump. We played “Marco-Polo” and there was a new rule added, “Marco-Polo freeze!” We were supposed to freeze. But instead we rather not get tagged, so we broke the rule and stayed running around and tried to avoid being tagged. When I came out I was sweating.

The children jump carefree inside of the jump inflatable. (photo by Chris Directo)

Now, one of the most fun events was the egg-hunt. The kids were first told a story why we celebrate Easter. Then Anne showed us a smooth stone that we needed to find in order for us to get a prize. She said that the stone represented the rock that was moved away from the tomb. After that story we set our way to get eggs, as many as we want. Anne said that everyone had to get at least one stone. She didn’t want someone to come back with ten stones while hardly anyone got one egg. I got a stone and walked to the table where the prizes were. I saw jump ropes, markers, pairs of pencils, kites, coloring books, and decks of cards.

After the Easter hunt, we had a softball game. Children and adults were welcomed to play. A lot of people participated in the game. We were supposed to play for fun and that is what we did. My mom kept score, but we did not care what the score was. We only concentrated on having fun then playing the game. That was a great game!

Even though we had so much fun having a party, that is not what it’s about. Easter is about Jesus when he rose. We should thank God that Jesus existed. Without God there would be no Jesus. Without Jesus we wouldn’t be here. I just have to say: GOD IS AWESOME!