Car wash helps church and community!

By Chris Directo.

Joseph and Evan (l-r) make this black vehicle shiny in the Hilo sunshine. (photo by Chris Directo)

When we started planning fund-raising for our church for the month of April, we knew that the purpose would be to raise money for our own church.

Little did we know that others would also be looking forward to our car washes.

This past Saturday, cars started lining up at Kai Store even before we finished setting up.

Obviously, many people in Hilo really needed their cars washed. Despite the early morning rain, customers still wanted to get their vehicles cleaned.

Proceeds from the car wash will go toward helping members get to this summer’s church conference in Los Angeles, California, at the City of Angels International Christian Church.

Levi, Linda and Kelly (l-r) rest in the shade and share some smoothies during one of the rare breaks in the action. (photo by Chris Directo)

Our dedicated campus ministry were the hardest workers, as most of them stayed the whole day, from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

As the day went on, the sun came out, and the cars kept comming in.

Jordan commented, “There was a point in time when all we saw were trucks, one after another. Big trucks.”

Even though the car washers washed a lot of cars and “big trucks,” they still had big smiles and did not seem to slow down.

The car-washing flowed smoothly, with cars moving in and out of the designated washing area like clockwork.

Kai store is a popular car wash spot that also has a few other drive-in businesses, like a fresh corn stand and raw fish stand.

Jordan shows Stefano (l-r) how to properly maneuver a hose in order to rinse a car more effectively during a busy car wash. (photo by Chris Directo)

We also sold fruit smoothies to thirsty consumers as part of our fund-raising.

A lot of people were downtown on Saturday, as the annual Merrie Monarch parade went on during the car wash.

Some of our member had a chance to attend the parade during the car wash.

The people of Hilo once again proved just how generous they are, as many vehicle owners gave large donations to our car wash, going way beyond the typical five-dollar donation we were asking for.

The car wash also provided a good way to meet members of the community and share about our church.

After the car wash, the crew is all smiles and goofiness after a fun and frenetic day in the water and sun. (photo by Chris Directo)

It was also a time for members of our church to spend time together and work side by side for a common cause. The car wash provided refreshing fellowship and conversations.

The next car wash will be in three weeks.

Our church needed to raise money for our trip in the summer, and the people of Hilo kindly helped us. In return, we washed some cars and sold some drinks. This was a small price to pay for a time when our church was able to spend some great time together under the sun.