Join us with “Da Hilo Church Picks!”

Can you hack it in our college basketball bracket?

Join us in our “March madness” college basketball tournament challenge. You’ll compete with some of our church members who may, or may not, know anything about college men’s basketball. It’s a fun way to compete with other Christians!

All you need to do is join Da Hilo Church Picks, our Facebook game brought to you by 2010 Bracket Challenge. You need to have a Facebook profile or set up a new Facebook profile.

Simply add or allow the 2010 Bracket Challenge app to your Facebook profile. Then go to Da Hilo Church Picks and click on “Complete Your Bracket.” Choose the winner of each game by clicking on the team. Keep doing this until you pick the last winner of the championship game, and pick the final score.

You do not need to be a college basketball expert to participate. All you need is a good prayer and the ball to bounce your way, and you may end up winning.

Hurry, you need to pick your bracket by Thursday, March 18, by 6 a.m.

Join our challenge, and invite your friends. Have fun with “da Hilo church,” and may the best bracket win!