The women take a look in the Bible!

Linda illustrates a point from her lesson. (Photo by Mahe Directo.)

By the WebServer.

Much like Robbie did last week for the men, Linda talked to the women about our upcoming Special Contribution in May at our Women’s Night Out midweek service last night.

We’ve been getting ready for our Special Contribution for the past few weeks.

Linda spoke to the women using her experiences and the Bible.

The women also sang and talked story about their lives.

Renee sings "Unto Thee O Lord" for the women. (Photo by Mahe Directo.)

Robbie and Linda have been doing a lot of lessons lately while we are in the middle of a lot of transitions. Evan and Kelly just moved to Honolulu, and Jay and Angie will soon be moving here to Hilo.

The women also talked about our exciting weekend coming up. Jay and Angie are visiting in preparation of their move in April, along with Kip and Elena and Evan and Kelly.

It was a great night for the women to fellowship!

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