Da Hilo Church Picks Update!

The Latest: We have a winner!

And the winner of Da Hilo Church Picks is…Robbie!

Robbie scored a whopping 1150 points, despite being behind in the standings almost the whole tournament.

It’s been a long road the past few weeks, with college basketball starting with 64 teams in the tournament. After the 64 being whittled down to 2 teams, Robbie still trailed.

But with lots of persistence, Robbie finally won our game. Read on to see how this happened.

Round of 64

At the end of the First Round, all of the teams are still close together. Since it’s early, no one is a clear front-runner, but one bracket-maker has emerged as a slight leader.

Right now, after visibly trailing for most of the initial round, Ronald has taken the lead and is now in first place all by his lonesome.

Just behind him are Rick, Christopher and Robbie, all tied for second. Nearby are Mahe and Marley, both tied for third place.

Seven players are out of the running already. Two other players have chosen a team to win the whole tournament that’s been eliminated already.

It’s been a wild first round, as there’ve been quite a few upsets. Some of our players may be upset with their topsy-turvy bracket scores, but anything can happen in Round 2.

Round of 32

Upsets and outstanding action were the story of Round 2. Another story is that Ronald remains  in the lead at the end of the Second Round. Looks like the rest of the participants need to step it up if they expect to beat this player, although there’s nothing more anyone can do besides pray for their bracket.

A stunner of an event happened in the Second Round, as top-ranked Kansas lost to Northern Iowa, causing a number of brackets to suffer. Despite this development, some of our participants survived the round by picking some good upsets. Of course, going for some safe picks, like Duke, Syracuse and Kentucky, helps, too. 

In second place again is Christopher, followed by Rick in third place.

The “sweet sixteen” teams that are left are so sweet for some brackets, as some players still have lots of teams that are still alive to score them points. Others, however, have lots of teams that have been eliminated. This is the fun of bracket basketball.

And now probably the hardest part of our game: Waiting three whole days for the tournament to continue. The tournament continues on Thursday. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next round

Will Ronald continue to dominate? Will Christopher, Rick or Robbie surge into the lead? Will there be more upsets? Stay tuned.

Round of 16

The “Sweet 16” teams that were left in the tournament played hard, but the end of this round was not so sweet for some of the players in our bracket challenge. Some of our players took a big tumble, while others rose in the standings.

Ronald maintained his first place status, thanks to fantastic performances by Duke, West Virginia, Kentucky and Kansas State. All of these teams made it into the “Elite Eight.” These teams also gave Ronald a whole bunch of points. 

The player to earn the most points in this round was Robbie, who received extra points from Michigan State’s win. His high point total vaulted him into second place.

Rick is again in third place. He accurately predicted that both Baylor and Butler would make it into the round of eight teams.

The rest of our challenge should be interesting. For our top three players, both Ronald and Rick could possibly get 320 points, while Robbie could possibly get a whopping 720 points. Who knew that the three Rs would dominate our bracket challenge?

But, of course, that all depends on what happens in the “Elite Eight.” “R” you rrready for the next rrround?

Round of 8

The “Elite Eight” teams have been trimmed to four in NCAA college basketball. In our bracket challenge, our possible winners have been trimmed down to the final three.

Ronald has a slim lead over second-place Robbie. Robbie only trails by 10 points. Rick trails the leader by only 30 points.

After this round, the only number-one seed left is Duke. The other three — Kansas, Kentucky and Syracuse — have been knocked out. West Virginia, Butler and Michigan State hope to keep Duke from winning its fourth national title.

If Duke loses, both Ronald and Robbie will be eliminated. If Duke wins, Rick will be eliminated.

All of the other teams in our game have been eliminated. Better luck next year.

If Duke wins, Robbie and Ronald will still be alive.

It’s down to a three-horse race, but the fate of our competitors hinges on the result of one game, Duke versus West Virginia.

Who will win, Duke or West Virginia? Who will win, Rick, Robbie or Ronald?

Round of 4

They made a valiant attempt, but West Virginia couldn’t oust the number one seed Duke out of the championship running.

Also, Michigan State lost to Butler. That means Butler will meet Duke for the championship.

The two teams will play this Monday to see who’s the best in college basketball.

In the same way, two of our participants in our bracket challenge will face off to see who’s the best in our game.

Ronald and Robbie are the only two players alive. Since West Virginia lost, Rick was eliminated. Both Robbie and Ronald picked Duke to make it to the final game, so both players gained the same number of points. Thus, Robbie still trails by 10 points. 

If Duke loses, Robbie gains no points, making Ronald the winner. If Duke wins, Robbie gains 320 points, beating Ronald by 310 points. Ronald will either barely win or lose big.

So it’s Duke versus Butler. Robbie versus Ronald. Final two. Too intense.

Round of 2

What a round! What a game! Duke met Butler in the championship game, and what a game they played. What a finish to the season, and to our bracket challenge.

Duke, a college basketball powerhouse with the mighty Coach “K,” led most of the game. Butler kept the game exciting, and close.

Butler could’ve won in the closing seconds, but they fell short. Duke flexed its defensive muscle and powered its way to its first title since 2004.

Butler was so close, and so was Ronald. Ronald led for the past two rounds, but Duke’s terrific postseason performance helped Robbie to come back in the final rounds.

Robbie won first place with 1150 points, Ronald was second with 840 points and Mahe was third with 740 points .

Congratulations, Robbie!

Until next season, aloha.

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