We spend some time at the Gardens!

We praise God in song before Jackie's baptism.

We praise God in song before Jackie's baptism. (Photo by Anna Sanborn.)

The past couple of days have been sweet, especially for two very special people

On Friday, Cristyal was baptized at Queen Lili’uokalani Gardens. Yesterday, Jackie took the plunge into the calm and relaxing waters near the Gardens.

Cristyal’s baptism was scheduled right before the Singles and Campus Ministries played Capture the Flag. On this night, God captured Cristyal’s heart.

When asked if she believed in Jesus, Cristyal replied, in her local-style vernacular, “You know dat!”

The next day, God held back the rain for a little while as Jackie shared about her desire to know God.

“God brings us back home for a reason,” she said.

It’s been sweet for us all!

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