Family Devos Week 1: Worship God

FamilyDevo01Family Focus: Worship God.

Godly Goal: To prep the family for daily family devotionals and focus their attention on God.

Scripture of the Week: “… But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 (pdf)

Song Suggestions: 716 I Have Decided; 901 We Are Soldiers; 921 Whose Side Are You Fightin’ On; 931 I’m in the Lord’s Army.

Daily Discussion:

  • Day 1: Who could the people in the scripture choose to worship? Why is it good to decide to serve God?
  • Day 2: How does God take care of us? What could happen if we took our eyes off God?
  • Day 3: What decisions do we make on an average day? How can we help each other to think about God?
  • Day 4: What are some things that could distract us from God? Why does God give us the freedom to choose?
  • Day 5: What does it mean to serve God? Why is it hard sometimes to keep our eyes on God?
  • Day 6: How does it feel to stand up for God when others may not? How have you done this week in staying focused on godly things?
  • Day 7: What are some things we can do this year to keep our eyes on God? How do you think our lives will be in a year if we stayed close to God?

Prayer Focus: Pray for God to help your family to focus on God this week, and this year.

Ways to Build:  

  • Read Joshua 24:1-15.
  • Discuss how Joshua conquered Jericho without sword or bow.
  • Set rules or guidelines on where, when and how your family will hold family devotionals.
  • Think of family goals for the year.