New Mini-Series on Abraham

AbrahamWe started a Mini-Series on the man Abraham. He is a very important man in the Bible and in our Faith.  There are a lot of valuable lessons that we can learn from studying out the life of this great man. we are currently in our second week of the series.

This week we had an inspiring sermon, Abraham: The Great Reward. He is the father of faith for 3.8 Billion people.  Jay Hernandez preached about choosing our friends wisely.  Abraham chose friends that would be faithful and help him, while his nephew chose ungodly friends that got him into trouble.  He talked about when we believe in the Lord, He calls us righteous.  We can have an intimate relationship with him and we can ask him for the desires of our heart.  Jay also talked about how God sees our misery and cares about us, but that we need to submit to his plans for our lives.  Enjoy this sermon, then put it into practice 🙂