“Let It Go” Women’s Day 2015


11046764_949157715096034_6986448588674045233_nThis Saturday, March 21, 2015 our church had the opportunity to host our annual Women’s Day Event. This year the theme was, Let It Go, inspired by the movie, Frozen and Philippians 3:13, “forgetting what is behind.” We had the privilege of having an attendance of 70 Women from all over the island as well as other neighbor islands. This event was held at the Hilo Women’s Club, which turned into a snow and icy wonderland for those who attended.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESTo kick off the event, some of our women’s song leaders sang “Run to the Fight” and “I need your Love” to pump up the women with worship music. Next our amazing Women’s Leader, Terra Utter and Miss Rodeo Hawaii, Cheyanne Keliihoomalu welcomed everyone and prayed over the brunch buffet that followed  right after.

As the women enjoyed the fellowship and food, the Hilo International Christian Church did a small fashion show for the first time! The fashion show showcased old outfits that were altered and turned into unique and beautiful designs. Our awesome sister Cindy Bartholomew, MC’dSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES the Fashion show explaining the before outfits and what she and Terra did to make a new outfit. The models looked wonderful and graceful presenting the outfits.

After the Fashion show and more fellowship, three of our sisters shared with us their powerful and inspiring testimonies. Cristyal Banasihan, our campus ministry women’s leader, shared her life journey from Kauai to the Big Island and the struggles she has let go to become a disciple. Denise Wallan, part of our Mountain View Bible Talk, shared about God’s plans for her journey and dreams that has led her to live in Hilo, Hawaii. And to finish up the testimonies Gretchen Paglinawan gave the women her heart and what she has had to let go to have a relationship with God.


Gretchen giving her powerful testimony

The testimonies were followed by a special performance by Bethany Kelly, our Kona House Church Bible Talk Women’s Leader. Beth sang her heart out to the theme song of Frozen, Let it Go! After Bethany’s awesome solo song, HiloICC’s Hula Ministry performed an inspiring hula to the song, Voice of the Lord, sang by Phillip, Craig and Dean. The hula dancers who performed were Leimana Koehler, Linda Robinson, Cristyal Banasihan and Maile Paschall. The hula performance was followed by a singing performance by Savannah Directo and Tanya Wynn. With their wonderful and talented voices God has blessed them with, Savannah Directo sang lead to the song, “Close your Eyes” by Meghan Trainor with Tanya Wynn harmonizing with her.


Cathi Martinez, Mary Santos, and Bethany Kelly


After these amazing performances by the wonderful and talented women, we had the honor of having Mary Santos from the Honolulu International Christian Church preach a powerful and inspiring lesson about letting go of our past, anxiety and bitterness and not letting go of Love and faithfulness, Our Father’s commands, and hope. After her lesson, Mary showed us a local but powerful music video by Avion Blackman, about letting go of everything in our hearts and our lives. The women were so honored to have her be our guest speaker that some of the ladies presented her with a Makana song. The women sang, “We Love You With The Love of the Lord in hawaiian and english while presenting her with thank you gifts.

This Women’s Day is an inspiration for all women to let go of the things in life that will hinder growth in love. A special thanks to all the women who took part in preparing for this amazing event, either in decorations, performances or other aspects, Mahalo! A special thanks to all the brothers who helped in every way possible either reaching out, helping with prepping or ushering the Women’s Day, life in the kingdom of God would not be possible without men like you, Mahalo Nui!

Check out the Fashion show, testimonies, special performances and a lesson by Mary Santos on video here:

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