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  • During the month of November, our minister Jay Hernandez will present a series of sermons all about "Heaven." The Heaven Lesson Series will teach us the importance of heaven, and how it should be a significant part of our daily thinking. Visit us, and find out what heaven has in store for you!... [read more]
  • Jay preached a great lesson this past Sunday entitled "Christ, and Only Christ." He talked about how we can do good works as Christians. He also shared some personal thoughts on Jesus. Listen to our latest sermon today! Listen to Jay’s sermon “Christ, and Only Christ.”
  • Are you happy? This was the question that Jay asked yesterday in his Sunday sermon. Jay also talked about a time that he broke into someone's car. He also said that eating cake is a sin! Find out why. Listen to his sermon today! Listen to Jay's sermon "Are You Happy?"
  • This past Sunday, Jay told us to dream, no matter what our age is. He reviewed our church goals for the year. He updated us on how we are doing on our goals that we made at the beginning of the year. He also shared some awesome breaking news! Find out what it is! Listen to Jay's sermon "Dre... [read more]
  • Our church was five times as excited today, as we celebrated our Fifth Anniversary! Fifth Anniversary festivities included a special hula by Leimana and the Hula Ministry, danced to the song "I Hear God Singing to Me," sung by the Music Ministry. [flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/2011/09/HCC... [read more]
  • Bible Talk Come join us for an informal Bible discussion at the UH Hilo Dorms! The goal of our Bible discussion is to help people apply the Bible to their daily life.  We bring it into the twenty first century by discussing how the topic relates to our own lives, experiences and ideas. We also se... [read more]
  • Is it a sin to eat french fries at McDonald's? Are you a complainer? What is wrong with my girlfriend? Should we complain about EBT? Are the decisions you make today going to matter to your children twenty years from now? Jay answered these questions, and more, in his sermon today in a sermon e... [read more]
  • Iron Chef Sunday was a blast! Levi Bartholomew spoke at our special “Iron Chef Sunday.” Before our church threw down some recipes in our cooking competition, Levi threw down a lesson entitled “It’s Okay to Cry,” about how we need to be able to overcome by crying out to God. He talked about four h... [read more]