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Lead Evangelists:

Dennis Sloan:

  • (951) 616-8747
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Corinna Sloan:

  • (714) 292-0105
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Robbie Robinson: (808) 640-0460
Lind Robinson: (808) 640-0459
Chris Directo:
Mahe Directo: (808) 640-5720

 Kid’s Kingdom Ministry:

Contact the following about our kids class on Sundays:

Richard & Krystallyn Udtohan: (808) 217-7652

Hula Ministry:

Contact the following to learn more about our hula ministry:

Kimo Miranda: (808) 557-8264

check out our hula ministry page right here.

For the Teens, Campus, Singles and Marrieds ministries please refer to the ministries menu at the top.

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Hilo International Christian Church:

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Maile Paschall: (808) 557-0106  Email: